Google AdSense: 3 Factors for Making Over $100 a Day

Google AdSense is no doubt the best certainly the best way to make legitimate money online any day and any time.

Do you know that making $100 and above every day with Google AdSense is very possible working from your home?

Numerous website proprietors are doing this already. The main thing you need is the relevant understanding, vision and focus with determination to succeed.

AdSense is the act of placing Google Ads on your website, when a guest visits your website and clicks on any of such Google Ads taking actions as demanded by the advertiser.

Understand that Google charges advertisers base on ad clicks; and as such, you as a publisher gets 68 percent of the click amount.

That means, if an advertiser paid $25 to Google for an ad, you as a publisher gets $17 if the ad displayed on your website get clicked through.

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Note that the commission you are paid as a publisher largely depends on the competition in that niche, and the CPC of the niche.

Severally, the commission you are paid per click ranges from $0.20 and $30 as the case may be. Be reminded that some of the niches pays less than $3 a click to publishers while some niches can pay even up to $50 per click.

How to Make $100 A Day with AdSense

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If for instance you are paid $17 per ad click, it means you needed jus 6 ads clickthrough to earn $100 a day in Google AdSense.

3 Major Factors to Consider for Making $100 a Day in Google AdSense:

1. Your Page Content

The articles published on your site page drives your profit more than some other variable. For instance, pages that are with respect to unique subjects are likely to be in high demand by popular and numerous advertisers.

This will probably win make you more money than other story or news pages.

Therefore, to get high paying advertisers to bid for a slot on your webpages, you need page articles centered on very specific topics.

2. Ad Positioning

There is no specific ad positioning in Google AdSense. However, wisdom demands that ads on your webpages should be visible enough for guests to see when they open your page.

Therefore, it is very vital that you pay close attention to how and where ads are displayed on your webpages.

Ads positioning is very significant and relies upon your site design and the traffic.

3. Traffic

It is important to note here that traffic also called visitor is what you need to succeed in this business and you need genuine traffic; organic traffic is the best here. Traffic from Google search engine will be the killer you need to nail it sir.

To drive organic traffic, you need a good seo of your website.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to make legitimate money online, then Google AdSense is the surest.

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